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Have a happy, healthy Christmas


It's that time of year again, are you prepared to fight the onslaught of bugs, viruses and who knows what else?



Here are some key points that you should know going into the holiday season:



Make sure your fairy lights are safe 

  • Shocks and burns from unsafe lights are not uncommon, especially from older sets.


Watch children around Christmas decorations

  • Little ones just love to put things in their mouths. Not so great when it’s a glass or sharp decoration.


Be careful in the kitchen

  • It’s the biggest meal we cook all year, and one that sends a lot of people to after hours services with cuts, burns and slips from spills.


Beware of that turkey

  • Read the instructions carefully and give yourself enough time to cook your bird all the way through. Use a meat thermometer to measure the temperature (some even come with one built in).


Drink sensibly and be careful around children

  • Alcohol dulls your awareness of the risks around you, making you more likely to be accident prone. Glasses with leftover wine or beer from the night before can be tempting to younger family members. And, of course, never drink and drive.


Unwrap with caution

  • Too many overexcited wrapper-rippers find themselves spending more time in the waiting room than playing with new Christmas toys after stabbing themselves with knives or scissors in the rush to open packaging.


Watch your stress levels

  • Visitors, excitement, tiredness and all the extra activity around the festive season can be distracting, putting you at greater risk of accidents.




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