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What we do ranges right across the spectrum. Having been in the business longer than anyone cares to remember - both in terms of our experience and as a strong company with a great reputation - we're up to the challenge.

There are plenty of places you'll find advertising and design expertise. Loads of companies who can offer you smart thinking on new media, social marketing and other niche areas. And just as many who will handle your PR needs with aplomb.

But they'd all be hard pressed to bring you the whole package in a truly integrated way - with equal weight across all areas. Meanwhile, our experience really does cover the range - from internal change messaging to large scale mass media, from crisis management to brand reboots. And that means we put your budget to work where it is the most effective and where you have the greatest need, rather than ring-fencing a particular area.
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           P.O. Box 90435 Auckland 1145 New Zealand +64 9 307 0432 
           P.O. Box 2930 Christchurch 8140 New Zealand +64 3 3651445
           CONTACT: susi@glasstower.co.nz










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