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Feeling the burn


Given that we live in one of the riskiest places in the world for skin cancer, every Kiwi should know the basics of Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap.




Whether you’ve fallen asleep in a sun lounger or just spent too long outside without covering up, sunburn can come on fast and furiously. It’s never a good thing – the skin reddening it causes may be dismissed as just a nuisance, but actually it’s a sign of long-lasting damage to the skin. Just five or more sunburns in your youth can increase your lifetime melanoma risk by 80%.


Most cases of sunburn can be treated at home with common sense measures - extra fluids, cold, damp towels to bring the heat down, an aloe vera moisturiser, ibuprofen if the pain is bad, and protecting the skin. More serious cases can need medical attention.



See your family practice team if your sunburn:


  • Is blistering.
  • Comes with high fever, chills, headache or confusion.
  • Is making you feel faint.
  • Looks infected (pain, tenderness, swelling, pus).
  • Has red streaks.





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