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Making the most of summer


You might not have got around to making a New Year’s health resolution this year, but there’s still time to make changes for good while the weather is warmer.




Longer days leave more time for exercise, fresh seasonal fruit and salads help to lighten up our eating, and just getting out into the fresh air can make us all feel happier and more inclined to be active...



Cover up in the sun

Take sunburn seriously - the best treatment is prevention. If you need a sun-smart refresher, there’s some great information here...

Ramp up - or start - your exercise programme

It’s great for your mind and your body. Just be sure to stay hydrated on hotter days. Whether it’s a walk to the end of the road, around the block or a 10km cycle ride, every time you move it’s a step in the right direction. Building great routines before work and school go back will help you find a balance when the pressures of everyday commitments hit.


Enjoy the fresh fruits and vege of the season

Challenge yourself to add more of them to your diet, rather than just depriving yourself by taking foods away.


If you are on regular medication,
make sure you’re actually taking it

It can be hard to stay on top of things, year in, year out if you have a chronic condition, but it’s an important part of staying as well as you can. If you’re on short term medication like antibiotics, take them according to the instructions and be sure to finish the course. Don’t let things go as life gets busier.


Get out in nature

There are proven mental health benefits and people say they feel physically better. And there’s no shortage of great places to immerse ourselves in nature, all around us in New Zealand.

One great way to do that is to get gardening:

Not only is it good exercise, you’ll be surrounded by the prettiness you have created, too.



Stress less

Carve out some time to do things that are relaxing, and spend time with people who make you feel good. If you’re fortunate enough to get time away from work or your usual responsibilities, really take a break. Switch off your mobile, resist the temptation to check your emails, and make the most of the time out. If you need some help with the things on your mind, your family practice team is a great place to start for lifestyle, mental and physical health issues.




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