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Stay food safe this barbecue season


‘I wonder where I got it’ is one of the first things we tend to think when we start to feel queasy and other gastro symptoms develop.




Most cases of food poisoning can be prevented, with good hygiene and food handling techniques, but summer is a risky time. Bacteria grow more quickly in warmer weather, we eat outside away from the fridge, and more casually more often. We also tend to eat more leftovers. Whether you’re hosting or bringing-a-plate, follow these simple tips:



  • Defrost food safely.
  • Wash your hands, dishcloths, kitchen utensils and food surfaces often.
  • Don’t leave dishcloths lying around.
  • Be careful with poultry - don’t wash it before cooking (it sprays the bugs around); cook until the juices run clear.
  • Cook or reheat rice thoroughly.
  • Careful when barbecuing that the inside is cooked.
  • Keep raw and ready to eat foods apart, use separate chopping boards.
  • Store raw meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge & Keep your fridge below 5o.
  • Wash fruit before cutting (bacteria can live on the skin).
  • Refrigerate or freeze food within two hours of buying or preparing.
  • Respect use by dates.
  • When in doubt, throw it out.


For more on managing food poisoning, check out our story here.



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