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Our Glass Tower team offers a world of experience. We've worked across a range of continents. We've come from different working backgrounds. We've specialised in diverse sectors. And all that expertise comes together in a unique mash of skills and services that's quite unlike what's being offered by anyone else.

Put public relations, advertising, design, media skills, internal comms, production, editorial content generation and new media in a blender and hit the pulse button. Throw in professionalism, accountability and a friendly, but pragmatic approach to creating great work and getting results. 
That's what's happening in the communications industry right now. 

We're not entirely sure what to call what we're doing, or how it operates. But it looks good to us (and our clients).
However, to deliver results you need a wide range of resources.
And that's where our team comes into it; we've got the core people; those who work for us full time; then we've got our contractors and associates; and those people we choose to work with because of their specialist skills or abilities (That's often a line used by companies who can't afford permanent staff, it's not the case with us. We deliberately chose a contractor model a couple of years ago because some of the people we want to work with won't work full time and don't want to work on every project that comes along. It's like putting together one of those 'mission impossible' teams).
We're fortunate in having decades of experience in all our different specialties which means we've got one helluva contact list. And what's more, the people we want to work with generally really like working with us. That's whether they're clients, or associates or contractors.




           P.O. Box 90435 Auckland 1145 New Zealand +64 9 307 0432 
           P.O. Box 2930 Christchurch 8140 New Zealand +64 3 3651445
           CONTACT: susi@glasstower.co.nz









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